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Phil Whetstone -
Pastor of Colonial Woods Missionary Church

"Every leader wants to build a stronger community. Most leaders understand that when there is a strong link between our Faith Community and the Community as a whole, we are all much stronger. OT has been an incredible bridge allowing community leaders - Secular and Sacred - to lock arms in building a better community. I am proud to be a part of that effort."

Pauline Repp -
Port Huron Mayor

"Operation Transformation is an integral part of our community, bridging the relationship between church and government, and providing necessary serves and support to all. Through its excellent leadership and cooperation, Port Huron and its surrounding area has become an even better place to live."

Thelma Castillo -
Director of Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce

"I have worked with agencies around teh country and I've never seen an agency like OT. Their unique and creative approach engaging civic, business and faith-based groups help strengthen our communities."

Bill Kaufman –
Former St. Clair County Administrator

"Many in our community can testify to how OT has affected their personal, professional, social and faith life. We have left events with a renewed faith in our community and humanity. Their ability to bring together religious leaders and civic leaders is displayed in their many accomplishments and growing list of community events designed to further their mission."

Tim Donnellon –
Former Sheriff, St. Clair County

"As Sheriff of St. Clair County, I see first hand the involvement OT has with the St. Clair County Detention and Intervention Center. OT has taken jail ministries to an entirely new level. It is with great pleasure that OT continues to strive with the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office to make a safe and positive impact on our local community."

Elwood Brown –
Probate Court Judge

"Since 2002, OT has worked to bring people of all faiths and backgrounds in this community together and organizes and is involved in several different programs to make the community a better place to live and raise a family.

Cynthia Platzer –
Former Judge, 72nd District Court

"OT has cut felony recidivism, developed the Spiritual Life Ministry at the Intervention Center, and raised ethical and business standards through COMPASS Christian Business Alliance. OT has motivated and equipped business leaders, along with elected and appointed officials to regard their respective life calling as a ministry. This is the larger picture; OT has fostered an incredibly powerful mechanism for change."

Melinda Johnson –
Blue Water Community Action Director

"The ministry  by Operation Transformation is like a small stone tossed into a pond, it ripples quietly throughout our community with impacts that will never be fully known. COMPASS rejuvenates business leaders to go back to work and lead in a Christ-like manner. OT makes our community stronger and better - keep on rippling OT!"

Bruce Brown -
Former Port Huron City Manager

"One of the most satisfying discoveries since arriving in Port Huron was OT. This strategic organization has become the premier example of cooperation and outreach in the faith community. It has become the envy of communities across the country. I'm privileged to associate with and endorse it."

Carl Miller -
Pastor of Restoration Christian Community Church

“Operation Transformation has proven through unquestionable integrity, love for community, and longevity, to be an organization worthy of support.  As a Blue Water Area pastor, I wholeheartedly support OT and the work that they do.”

Rick Garcia –
Former United Way Executive Director

"In my work with United Ways across the country, I've never seen an agency like OT. Their unique and creative approach engaging civic, business and faith-based groups help strengthen our communities."

Randy Maiers –
President & CEO, Community Foundation of St. Clair County

"OT is a truly valuable part of our community leadership and a strong voice for creating an open, inviting & thriving Blue Water Area.  OT recognizes and advances a positive faith-based community that is highly engaged throughout our region."

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