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     Thank you for your interest in the Operation Transformation Faith-Based Non-Profit Self-Review Checklist (which replaces the Certification Program). This Checklist was created to help organizations satisfy that minimum standards for their organization are being met. Increasingly, faith-based organizations are being examined for their structure, general activities, fundraising efforts, financial and tax data records, and governance procedures. The goal of this Self-Review Checklist is to be a support mechanism to assess that your organization’s house is in good order, so that you will be better able to expand your activities and fundraising efforts. The Self-Review Checklist is a voluntary action on your part. As people become aware that you have taken the time to complete this Checklist, it could be part of the decision-making process when they decide to make contributions of time, effort and money.

     You can download the Operation Transformation Faith-Based Non-Profit Self-Review Checklist form which asks you questions in nine categories. All of the questions require yes/no answers. If there are any questions that are not applicable to your organization, please indicate such and disregard them. This process is meant to be done by a person in a Management/Administrative position and someone representing the Board of Directors (with an area for signatures of each). We can make a recommendation for professional legal assistance, if you feel it is needed. We would also expect that a report would be made to your whole Board when completed. Please keep a copy of this checklist on file for your records.

     Operation Transformation would also be interested in knowing that you have completed the Self-Review Checklist. Please mail or drop off a signed copy of the Self-Review Checklist to OT at 1904 Poplar St, Port Huron, MI. The Operation Transformation Certification Committee will review it and keep it on file for reference, in the event we get an inquiry from a donor. If there is a question on any section, we will contact you for further information.

     The OT Certification Committee is comprised of volunteers representing the legal, faith-based community, accounting, business, and insurance fields. 

The Certification Committee is:

  • John Adair, Chairman – Attorney, Hill Devendorf, P.C.

  • Tom Seppo -- Operation Transformation

  • Marilyn Meredith – Meredith Tax Service

  • Marty Doorn – WGRT Radio

  • Tom Manis -- Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency


     Thank you for taking the time to use this Self-Review Checklist. We hope it will be beneficial to your organization. For further questions, please call Operation Transformation at 810-966-8660.

--Letter to prospective groups

--Self-Review Checklist

--Certification Application

Certified Organizations

1. S.O.N.S. (2007)
Tyrone Burrell, Director

We are proud to announce that S.O.N.S. is our 1st organization to successfully complete this process (Feb. 07) and congratulate them on this accomplishment! The photo to the right is the Certification Award being given by Operation Transformation Executive Director Tom Seppo to S.O.N.S. Director Tyrone Burrell.

Laurie Wilson, Executive Director

We are proud to announce that Youth For Christ is our 2nd organization to successfully complete this process (Nov. 07) and congratulate them on this accomplishment! The photo to the right is of the Youth For Christ staff.

3. Spero Pregnancy Center (2008)
Jennifer MacDonald, Executive Director

OT is proud to announce that Spero Pregnancy Center (formerly Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center) has qualified to be Certified by Operation Transformation. OT has assembled a Certification Team of experts to look over a faith-based non-profit organization's by-laws, financial and legal procedures to make sure everything is in order. Spero was honored at their banquet on March 13, 2008.

Teresa Jex, Executive Director

Operation Transformation is pleased to announce that Bridge Builders Counseling and mentoring, under Executive Director Junaita Compton,is the fourth organization to be certified by the OT Certification Committee.  

Arnie & Debbie Koontz, Co-Founders

We are pleased to announce that Blue Water Area Rescue Mission, under leadership of Arnie and Debbie Koontz, is the fifth organization to be certified by the OT Certification Committee.  The photo to the right is of the Certification Award being given and is (from left) Marilyn Meredith, Arnie of BWARM, Tom Seppo and Tom Manis

6. A BEAUTIFUL ME (2011)
Karen Palka, Executive Director

Operation Transformation is pleased to announce that A Beautiful Me, under Founder Karen Palka, has completed the Operation Transformation Self-Review Checklist. After a presentation and further review by the OT Certification Committee, A Beautiful Me was deemed to have completed all steps necessary for the Certification process. The photo to the right is (from left to right) Marilyn Meredith, Marty Doorn, Tom Seppo, Karen Palka – Founder of A Beautiful Me, John Adair and Tom Manis.

Jeff & Tracy Willard, Co-Founders

We are pleased to announce that Hunter Hospitality House received Certification status from the Operation Transformation Certification Committee, verifying that all of their legal paperwork is in order. The attached picture shows Chairman John Adair, HHH Co-Founder Tracy Willard and OT Director Tom Seppo in front row. Back row shows other Certification Committee members: Marc Oswald, Marilyn Meredith, Marty Doorn and Tom Manis.

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