Here is a list of requests currently submitted. Watch our prayer time on Facebook.  Join our prayer team here. If you submit a prayer request, please commit to provide us with updates.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."  Colossians 4:2

  • Many that I know that do not feel they are loved. This is a serious problem. Many revert to addictive behaviors where they find pseudo “love”. I am really worried about this problem with our youth and newly wedded.
  • Please continue to pray for the Pastors and Leaders in the City..County..Region..and This Nation. If we ever needed Lord Before. We sure do need him Now right Now. Thank you.
  • The Family of Pastor So White. Needs Prayer for the loss of their Sister Catherine White. Please hold them up in Prayer. Catherine's Husband name is Willie.
  • Alicia and her husband Andrew have 1 child Anderson. Anderson became ill at 6 months with heart failure. He was placed on an artificial heart machine and LVAD. While on the LVAD, Anderson had 3 major strokes due to blood clots thrown form the LVAD. This has impaired Andersons physical mobility and his eyesight. 1 week before his 1st birthday, Anderson was given a heart transplant. A series of setbacks caused Anderson to be placed on the ECKMO life support system for 6 weeks. Anderson has fought hard and that initial NICU stay was 13 consecutive months. Anderson was on a respirator for those 13 months and lives on a feeding tube, trachea, respiratory and several medication. The medications and the treatments Anderson has received damaged his kidneys. Anderson needs a kidney transplant now to sustain life but is not a candidate due to his respiratory and trachea. However, it is a goal. The kidneys due not work and Anderson attends dialysis 4 times per week. The Moreno family reside near Cadillac MI. Dialysis treatment is 2 hrs away at Helen Devos Hospital in Grand Rapids. His cardiology and respiratory appoints and care providers are at Motts U of MI in Ann Arbor 4 hours away. Alicia is the primary caretaker and Andrew must work to maintain the medical insurance and inco me for the family. Respite nursing has been extremely hard to come by. Andrew recent;y had an accident and is recoevering at home. Alicia and Andrew recently learned that they were expecting again, a second child, however the pregnancy and the daily stresses were too much and the family has lost the unborn child. Please lift this family up. Anderson is 5 in November and looks at a life time of struggle no matter the length of his lifetime. Andrew and Alicia are excellent parents and caregivers but they need prayers and peace and understanding and love at this time. Thank you for listening and please pray for the Moreno family.
  • I visited Eli at Port Huron Mclaren Hospital two weeks ago shortly after his doctor gave him the news of 4th stage carcinoma. Eli was frightened by the news and just wanted someone to visit him and pray with him. I was honored that he reached out to me through some of his friends.
  • Please pray for the safe return to school of ALL children, staff, and parents. Some children with be returning to school in person. Many staff will return to school to provide education for these children. Some children will have virtual instruction. All parents will need to adjust to support and care for their children.. Please pray for safety -including the physical and emotional health of all during this important time.
  • Please pray for an amazing DAD to regain his beautiful daughter into his life. Save her from the pedophiles that have access to her. #SaveOurChildren
  • Please pray for Sheila's Grandson & family. He has a few months left of chemo & 2 more weeks daily radiation. He's such a kind, loving, strong 16 yr old football player. Haven't seen him for months due to covid risk. So very much appreciate your prayers. We know God hears and answers prayers. Thank you so much!
  • One of our church families (5 members), moved to Spain from India, some years back, and presently the whole family tested positive for Covid19. Appreciate prayers for healing, speedy recovery, and protection.
  • Keith is facing a multiple discipline open heart surgery. It will be planned tomorrow. Dr says he is on borrowed time. UPDATE: He had the surgery Saturday and already his health has improved greatly because of the improved circulation.
  • Melody pregnant with triplets after 2 miscarriages 
  • Youth for Christ looking for a new director
  • the Families that have lost loved do to the Corona Virus
  • Prayers for the Games of young suicide victims
  • Please pray for the health and wellbeing of Debbie's husband and daughter.
  • Amanda's husband will have the talk at his work next week on MONDAY (More than 10.000 reasons to thank you unstoppably for standing in prayer with me). Please pray for and with me for a suitable job, for a new suitable house, a strong marriage and for my husband for his work, he has a performance appraisal job evaluation conversation with his supervisor MONDAY, and he wants approval to cut down the evening, stand by work night shifts and weekend working hours, because he only wants to continue to work there by doing normal office hours from 9 till 5 in the daytime from mondays till fridays. Thank in advance for your powerful prayers and standing with our almighty Lord Jesus in prayer together with us, abundant blessings in our true God
  • Barbara in the jail being sentenced August 18th. I am asking the judge for my release, using time served. I am ready to get out, get a sponsor and attend AA meetings. I know I need help to remain sober. My prayer is God has my sponsor already picked out for me.
  • Pray for Heidi's son to know and walk with Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
  • Marty  is waging another battle with a rare, recurring autoimmune disease called ITP. He is at home receiving regular treatment from Huron Medical Center. Prayers are requested.
  • Please, pray that Jason & his family's hearts are opened to trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
  • Pray for Dan and his family has he prepares for heart surgery at 18 years old
  • Pray for Connie's mom and her family
  • Pray for those in the hospital that can't be visited by their pastor or a chaplain
  • Continue Prayers for Country & Nation. For peace & Funeral home workers and Directors. Hospital Workers..Pastors too.
  • Sheila's 16 year old grandson with cancer and their family
  • Praying for Alex’s job interview with a union company as an electrician. Praying for a God’s Will. UPDATE: Praise to God. Thank you to God that He enabled Alex to get a job with a union company in the Flint area in as an electrical apprentice.
  • Please pray for Peace in The Country . Also Peace within The Families. 
  • Prayer that I would be healed in my thoughts and have peace of mind and that i would have healing in my mind body soul and spirit. Pray that i would healed in my sleep patterns and energy levels so i can function well daily. Heal memories and help with reading and remembering. pray that i could have the energy to exercise and bike ride and lose weight. pray that i would be able to sell my jewelry and other art online/in person and have some finances come in at this time and that in the future i will have a good well paying job that i can do for long term. Pray that I could connect to friends in general as well as connect and restore relationship fully with B, D, I & M and others. (bring salvation to I/M)Pray for open and frequent communication/fellowship with them. Bless M's new business. Pray for L to have the help she needs as this time, protect her as a nurse, help her with my niece and nephew, help her forgive mom and dad and K and release all unforgiveness and grudges.Help her with anixety and depression. Help me have some money so i can get my phone fixed or have it start working correctly. Pray for salvation for J & J and healing for J in her body/voice. Pray for salvation and healing for D, A, A, J, B, L S, C, C, F, B & K. Pray for salvation and blessing and renewing of communication and relationship with R&A. Pray for Dfor healing of body/mind and spirit and help her sell her house. Please pray for J & C Pray that they would not have anxiety and that they would get the emotional, spiritual, and mental/psychological care they need. Pray that they would have favor with the judges and lawyers and that their hearing would go well. Pray that their relationship with their folks would be healed and their family would be healed. Give their parents wisdom and bring a end to the strife and fighting. Help J&C get the housing and jobs and transit they need.
  • Pray for Pastor Carl Miller's Family. They had a death in the Family.
  • Pray for those struggling with addiction who have not found there way to recovery and to help manage their journey and pathway to seek help from those that offer it.
  • The Station Wesleyan Church opened on Pentecost Sunday. Praise God!
  • Continue to Pray for This Country and the Nation.
  • Pray for our leaders and businesses as they begin to re-open.
  • Please pray for Sheila's grandson who has cancer.
  • Prayers they will allow us to visit our loved ones in the nursing homes. Even if it was one or two at a time for appt only.
  • Healing Michael's infected foot
  • Today's march
  • Kirk's unsaved children and their spouses
  • Female RN, age 30, has taken a position at a Queens, NY hospital as a traveling intensive care nurse. She moved from Michigan May 25. More Covid-19 deaths have occurred in Queens than in any U.S. community. Prayers are appreciated for this first responder.
  • Pray for Spero's Medical Director, physician Aaron. We praise our Lord for his faithful service and support these last 15 years. 

  • That women and men thinking about abortion would come to Spero for an ultrasound and hear about the compassionate, practical help we offer.

  • Please remember those suffering from Covid-19 and family and friends whose lives have been changed during this time. 

  • Pray for people to be kind to each other and to the young  workers this weekend and maybe for our residents to understand we are always trying to do what is best for our community. 
  • Praise for a man who's liver cancer is gone.
  • Pray for unity.
  • Guidance for churches as they begin to open.
  • Please pray for a couple to reconcile to have love and forgiveness for each other and get married to each other and be in love with each other. (They were engaged but it broke, they need restoration) Please pray for them to be born again saved and believing on and in the true lord Jesus Christ and loving him and his people please pray for them to pray, repent and love the truth and have a revelation of Jesus as truth and bible as truth. Please pray for them to be delivered from the occult, Satan and demons. Please pray for guidance from holy spirit and faith that leads to godly action. Please pray for her to love and honour him and for him to forgive her and her parents and see them again. Amen
  • Areas being effected by flooding around Midland.
  • Lord, bring restoration to my marriage.Let mike realize that no one else is there for him as I am. Let him realize how much he loves and trusts me. Let him see my loyalty, kindness, & devotion that compels him to trust me and return. May mike realize how damaging his absence is to our kids & bring mike back home to a full love for Your word. Rejoin us together spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, cleaving mike to me always, Restore & bless our marriage, protecting us from the evil one! I ask that you also could place your healing hands on my father who is sick with cancer- heal him! Ease his pain! In Jesus name. Amen
  • Elijah as he is in critical condition after a seizure! Pray for peace and comfort for my family! Pray that God would direct each and every step that is needed! Pray for a miracle!
  • Reed having surgery tomorrow. Heal his body from the many issues he has been having.
  • Please continue to Pray for The City and the county and this Country. Including all Leadership including PASTORS, FIRST RESPONDERS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS, THE CITY COUNCILES, STATE REPRESENTATIVES, PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY, LEADERS IN THE WORLD ALL OVER.
  • Restoration of Marriage and Family. 
  • Prayer for my daughter Alicia who works at a Walmart in Pennsylvania that is paranoid of this virus
  • Unique business that is struggling because they don't qualify for any grants or aid.
  • As Ramadan begins today, please pray that Muslims searching for a closer god connection would instead be drawn by supernatural revelation to the truth of John 14:6. Pray that they would be visited by Jesus in dreams and visions. Pray that the power of the gospel would break through and lift the veil from their eyes & hearts.
  • There has been 4 deaths recently to drug overdoses and many relapses.
  • 3 women who have had husbands die these last few weeks:  Marian, Nancy and Martha.  Pray for them as they are having a major change in their lives and not getting the normal support from family and friends.
  • My sister-in-law’s grandmother is at a nursing home that now has the virus in it.  Pray for protection for Katherine and other residents.
  • Please pray protection over Alexa and Jana as they both work in nursing homes for protection for them and patients. Miraculously they are healthy! PTLord!​
  • My grand daughter is severely depressed. She is only 17 and tried to OD.
  • Our colleague funeral directors in the Detroit metro area (and elsewhere) dealing with COVID cases. Protection and strength for funeral home staffs, PPE supplies and a rapid downturn in caseload. Funeral directors who have contracted virus.
  • Many large items were stolen from my shed last night. I want my daughters to not be afraid because of it. Also, for the person that did this, that they come to know the lord and turn their life around.
  • Laurie Wilson / YFC - Pray that we reach kids with the gospel for the first time. (We are seeing about 1000 kids per week digitally.)
  • Deacon Dennis Crimmins / Holy Trinity Catholic Parish - Pray for Jim, Sara, and Kathy - all sick with the virus.
  • Pastor Scott Babin / Bridges Church - Praying that this environment awakens souls that have been too long asleep. Asking God to shake our paradigms for ministry and drive up to innovation and alertness for opportunities. Praying that when things return we are afresh with opportunities. 
  • Renee Vance / CEF - Renee is still contacting the kids through email and texting.  Through CEF’s YouTube spot they continue to do ministry (doing verses and songs)  Also, doing clubs virtually. Prayer for our online clubs. Prayer for ministry training this Summer. Praise – A parent watched the club online and then called Renee on the phone to ask questions.  Renee shared the gospel with her and led her to the Lord. Please add this praise we had a mom watch club on the internet and she got saved. (She watched And then called me with lots of questions).  It was cool to lead her to the Lord over the phone.  
  • Nathaniel Tucker / Pollina Ave Holiness Church - Asking for prayer as he is the speaker for Blue Water Hospice on Easter Sunday.
  • Peter Foxwell / Cornerstone Church - Praying to stay strongly connected as a church family. Praying to be a resource for folks in the community needing help coping with the new normal.  
  • Joe Sazek / Port Huron Assembly - Praying we all stay in unity during this time with so many opinions on things.
  • Arnie Koontz / BWARM Homeless Shelter - All of the residents of the shelter are required to stay there 24 hours a day now due to the Governor’s Executive Order. Praise – The men are all healthy. Praise – Four times a day the men gather for prayer. Pray for the staff who are working extended hours and for continued health for all.
  • Pat Patterson / BWROC - Pray for a cure. Pray that God would help us as so many people have to live in close quarters. Pray that God would call our fears.
  • Pastor Sandra Woodard / St. Paul AME - Prayer for her and her congregation to stay healthy. Continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Pastor Kim Brown / Zion Cathedral of Praise - Prayer for her congregation to be strong and led by the Lord. Prayer for SCORE as they help people in the community in need of basic necessities.
  • Pastor Bruce Clark / Blue Water Christian Church - Families of kids he ministers to through YFC. Trapped at home – some in difficult situations. Parents under financial stress because they are out of work. Praise that he is seeing his congregation members reaching out and loving people and praying for others.
  • Pastor Randy Bennet / Blue Water Free Methodist Church - Prayer for his congregation.   Prayer for missions partners serving in the third world who are quarantined without sufficient food.
  • Pastor Carl Miller / Restoration Christian Community Church - Pray for the mental, emotional and spiritual health of his congregation.
  • Pastor Antonio Velez / Mercy Church - Pray for God’s provision and protection for his family and church.
  • Pastor Deb Schilling / Fountain of Praise Church of God - Infant granddaughter Amirah who was born a month ago with Down Syndrome.  She is stuggling to breath.
  • Pastor Joel Mitchell / Griswold St. Baptist Church - That he would have wisdom to care for his congregation well through this time.
  • Pastor John Grenfell / First United Methodist Church in St. Clair - For discernment and a responsive spirit. For his son, a nurse on the Covid 19 floor at U of M Hospital.  (Pray for him and his colleagues
  • 4-7  Pray for Pastor Lee in Livonia, who has covid-19.
  • 4-7  Pray for a young woman who is dealing with anxiety.
  • 4-3  Pray for a local pastor who is sick (doesn't think it is virus related).  UPDATE  4-8 Feeling much better and praying for others
  • 4-3 Pray for Tom S. in Pontiac, who has the virus and is in ICU.  UPDATE  4-7 He was in ICU 5 days, but was released and recovering at home!
  • 4-2  Son-in-law nurse was praying for sick co-workers.  UPDATE  4-7 3 co-workers are feeling better (1 was hospitalized).  One is back at work!
  • 4/2 Missionaries
  • 4/2 Families of those that have the virus
  • 4/2 SCORE helping impoverished in the community
  • 4/2 Congregations remain strong and led by the Lord and grow in faith
  • 4/2 Woman with breast cancer
  • 4/2 Families with kids home
  • 4/2 Cure for the virus
  • 4/2 People afraid they have the virus
  • 4/2 Wisdom for pastors to care for their congregations with discernment 
  • 4/2 Karen continue to heal
  • 4/2 Young boy with heart issues
  • 4/2 Mental, spiritual, and physical health of congregations
  • 4/2 Medical personnel - guide, guard & protect them
  • 4/2 Huron House men stay healthy
  • 4/2 BWARM housing people 24/7 now
  • 4/2 Please pray for my husbands business he is going through some changes right now and financially effecting us as a family.
  • 4-1  Pray for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to be able to air a commercial of hope with the gospel on Italian TV.  Told "no" - never been done before.  UPDATE  4-6  The TV station in Italy is now going to air the commercial (with a number to call for prayer).  It is unprecedented!
  • 3-31  Pray for a lady who has aggressive, rare breast cancer.  UPDATE  4-4  She was able to have a double mastectomy and go home to heal.
  • 3-31  Pray for Dr. Weg (out of state).  He is on a ventilator.  UPDATE  4-4  PTL  Dr Weg is off the ventilator, and recovering at home.  His non-Christian nurse was shocked!
  • 3/31 Nurse working in the Emergency Room in Sarnia. Pray for her health and safety and her high anxiety at this time. 
  • 3/31 Infant with Downs Syndrome with breathing problems. UPDATE : She's now stable and on Cardiac floor so they can do more to check her heart.
  • 3/31 A nurse named Heather from Ohio contracted the virus. She has 6 children and is on a ventilator.​
  • 3/30 Healing for those who are sick
  • 3/30 Community's health
  • 3-26 A nurse named Heather (younger, lived in Ohio, had 6 kids) was on a ventilator.  UPDATE 4-2  She is off the ventilator, doing well and recovering.

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