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Here is a list of requests currently submitted. Watch our prayer time on Facebook.  Join our prayer team here. If you submit a prayer request, please commit to provide us with updates.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."  Colossians 4:2


  • Please let me find a husband. I am begging you to pray for me to find a husband. I am 40 and I want a family and it was the wish of my late father that I find a good man to love and take care of me. Please I am begging for a good man to find me. Please let me find a husband. I thought it was supposed to be Ayman Ghattas but he has left me. Please help. Thank you!


  • I Am Praying Create A Clean Heart In These Past Neighbors And New Neighbors. Lori , Frederick, Maria, Sarah,Lisa, RiRI,Leslie,Kyler, Maraget. Cindy,Janet,Belinda, Sandra. Thanks And God Bless


  • Please pray for deliverance for Sherrie, Sakina, Stan and Shirley. Clifton needs prayer and so does Marc, Magnus, Brian and Sean with Lance and Ansol. Hamp(Sir), Donovan, Doug, Dexter, David and Philip need prayer and fasting. Their friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, associates and affiliates also need prayer. Thank you in advance.


  • Pray to heal Viola brain cancer, sleep disorder, emotional trauma, grief, loss, loneliness, and nasal cavity due to brokenness, with millions of angels and archangel Pahalia, lift up Magdalena lovejoy heal her from a stroke, depression, split personality disorder and sleep disorder, lift up Cordelia, heal her mind and heart trouble and family tree.


  • I'm a girl and 23 years old. I'm broken hearted because of a boy at the church I'm attending. Now, I don't go to the church for Sunday Mass and I couldn't get communion properly. I'm far from God now. It's so painful. Please pray for me to heal my heart and go to the church like before, to join again to the choir, to get readings again and to get closer to Jesus. Please pray for me to get hunger to read the bible and pray daily. I can't pray because of my mental illness. And please pray for me to meet the right person who loves me, understands me and helps me to get better. I'm severely lonely and I need someone as God's will, that keeps me happy. Thank you and God bless you!


  • Hallelujahs, Hallelujahs...Praise D LORD...Praise U Lord Jesus.... Cover's Us All your Peoples & All Our Love's Ones, our Properties, our Jobs , Houses, Homes, Friends, Relatives... Our Healths , Wealths Relationships... All our Incoming, Outgoings, our Travellings, Transportations, Our Speech's, Words, Minds, Thoughts, Hearts Intentions, Everywhere, Everyone, Everything We Encounter.... Every Happenings....Everywhere...Anywhere on Earth Universe....(Wherever your Peoples are ...) Father Covers US All & All Our Love's Ones YOUR HOLY Precious Blood's ... YOUR HOLY LIVING Waters ...Your HOLYFires (Firewalls of GOD - Non Penetratable) to Shields Covers Submerges Immersion Protects Fights for Us All As We Stands by God's Grace to prays for Ourselves & All Love's Ones & All that's is in Christ Jesus & All theirs Love's Ones too in Jesus name....In Jesus name.... We stand in Christ Jesus Blood to prays against All Every.. Attacks Backlash Onslaught Assault's... All Seductions Reductions ... All Accidents, Traps, Mishaps, Foul Plays... All Wounds ..All Falls, Slip, Fractured...All Loss.. In Jesus Name.. In Jesus Names ..In Jesus Names.. We Prays for Healings, Blessings... Transformations... BreakThroughs , Empowerments. .. to One & All in Jesus Names... In Jesus Name....& Now & Forevermores.... Specially 'Uplifts' ... Everyone in Christ -Jesus ' to U Lord Jesus...during this time... for All to be Comfort Love's Watch Protect them... Blessed & Lead them on in Mercies & Graces .. Heals & Protects & Guides thems & Covers Shelter Thems in your Most High Ones.... Carried them & Soothes thems... & Teaches & Direct them in Your Paths Everlasting God ... They're yours & release in your hands & graces... Thanks U LORD... Thanks U Jesus.... In Christ Lord Jesus Names.. Amen .in Jesus Names....May All God's Blessings Healings Longevities Transformation Healths Wealths Especially for All our Elders ..Lord pray against All Falls, Fractured, Slips, Fouls Accident, Mishaps, in Jesus Names in All Our Steps, Walk Traveling Transport... In All Areas Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Healths Wealths.. Relationally.. No Lacks, No Strain.. No Sorrows.. No Pain... For your Words says ' Blessings of Lord Enriches...adds no Sorrows . '... Lord we Trust In U & Yr Spokens Promises (Words) to Brings Healings Longevities Blessings Recoveries to US All... Especially to All God's People's Family in Jesus Loves & Cares.....They R Yours & in Your Almighty Good Graces, Hands & Cares ....Release into Your Great Almighty Hands ..Cares ...In Jesus Names Jesus Names. .... Thanks U Lord Jesus...Thank U Lord Jesus Names...


  • Steven - Please pray that my up coming thyroid biopsy be negative for cancer.

  • Hunter Hospitality House guests with sad and stressful circumstances.


  • In desperation, please pray for me, i want to know God's love. his unfailing, eternal, faithful love. Father's love. i want to experience, and filled with this love. can you pray for me to meet the God you met? the God of Love? because i do need an encounter of God's love. i need Father.. can you pray for me?


  • Need spiritual guidance and growth. Please pray for Wendy, John, Cherellnea, Jaytanna, Tycobi, Jacobi, Khamani, Kameron, Kristina, Cameron, Portia, Gloria, Aaliyah, Emmanuel, Sir Ii, Nigel, Aniger, Samarrha, Semaj, Bradley, Samuel, Brunson, Granada, Honesty, Charles, Sherrie, Shirley, Stan and Sean also please pray for Clifton. In addition Marc, Brian, Lance, Ansol, Hamp(Sir) and Doug need prayer with Donovan, Damar, Lamar, Khalil and Dexter. Wali needs prayer with Jamie and Tabitha. Their friends, family member, affiliates, colleagues, associates and neighbors also need prayer. Thank you very much.

  • Please pray that God deliver my friend Jennifer who claims to be a witch. I ask that God open her eyes & turn them from darkness to light, & from the power of Satan to God, so that she may receive forgiveness of sins & a place among those who are sanctified by faith in God.


  • Melissa - Please be in prayer for a that I will be good at and use my talents.


  • Please pray husband's salvation marriage deliverance from alcohol LORD GOD restore my marriage remove his rudeness give him love compassion towards me thank you


  • Please fervently pray that America Repents of: Homosexuality-. America and the government have allowed homosexuals to run this country and must repent of this wickedness and the attack on marriage between a man and woman. Lesbianism-. America must repent of teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Abortion- pray against the attack on the unborn children in this country. Pride of Wealth-America has exalted money. A spirit of mammon, materialism and idolatry rule here. Sorcery and Witchcraft- the people, leaders and governmental officials for listening to devils and not standing up against the unrighteousness sweeping the land. Idolatrous Worship-We have opened the doors of this country to accept other idolatrous religions. Jesus Christ is the only God! Pray all caught in sin will repent and return to the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. God has a problem with our continued unacknowledged and unrepentant sins. Pray spiritual eyes would be open. Pray what has been done in the dark would come to light. Pray that people love the truth and not a lie. Pray people repent and turn back to God and he will forgive and set them free! In Jesus Name Amen


  • Justin prison studying Bible, Merissa saved prostitute taking food Bibles to 8 Mi Gratiot, Jason 33rd hospitalization for schizophrenic breakdown in HF, homeless turned Moslem as wants to be opposite of heretic narracisr father


  • I lost my job due to recession.I'm the only bread winner in my house.Kindly pray that I should find new job soon.


  • Anthony for Protection, deliverance, finances, salvation. MALACHI 3:10. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and put Me to the proof now herewith,” saith the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open to you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.


  • Matthew - Please pray that God would guide my father to salvation.


  • I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm a girl and 23 years old. Finally, my mental illness is correctly diagnosed and doctor said to do ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) treatment. But, my family is going through a serious financial hardship. We need a financial miracle right now, to heal my mental illness, to pay our debts and to live a better life. My mental illness is Borderline Personality Disorder + Recurrent Depressive Disorder = Psychotic Depression. It was developed as a result of childhood traumas and a series of bad painful events until now. Please pray for me to solve our financial problem and to have my ECT treatment properly, ASAP. Please pray for my healing.


  • Gene - My friend Leroy has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. his kidneys and liver are not functioning as they should. praying and believing for a complete healing.


  • Paul - Please pray that God would help me make the right decisions about my job not let fear be an influencing factor. Pray for peace, wisdom and breakthrough. Finally pray that God would handle/bring me through every situation that's causing me anxiety.


  • Marriages, families separating after affairs and especially the children, and grandparents raising grandkids

  • The homeless

  • Many with cancer and health concerns

  • Family and friends that are unbelievers

  • Sharing our faith in all circumstances


  • I have mouth inflammation. Prayer for healing. Thank-you!


  • My friend Tyler doesn't care about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit at all. I have recently tried sharing the gospel with him, but I think I went a little too excessive to the point where we were basically arguing over it. I obviously know it's true and he just doesn't care. He is also EXTREMELY arrogant. Directly, please pray he becomes a great Christian that goes on to produce much fruit, and lead many people Christ, and that he thanks god in all of his ways.

  • Senior hopefully praying for The funds for a replacement engine for my vehicle


  • Please pray for Brittney. Her friends and family members need prayer and fasting for help. Her neighbors also need this. Thank you very much in advance.

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