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     In 1990, Project 2000 of St. Clair County began with a few pastors and churches uniting to do community outreach through door-to-door surveys.  The goal was to share the Gospel Message to every man, woman and child in St. Clair County by the year 2000.  It was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in 1997.  Through a variety of methods, including seminars, various outreaches and special services, Project 2000 was successful on two fronts: cooperatively working together and sharing our faith within the community.

     In the year 2000, the vision expanded to become a more significant voice in the community, city and educational systems of the Blue Water area.  The name was changed to Operation Transformation – to reflect the goal to make a significant difference and impact in our community. There was an increasing need to have a recognizable face and voice to represent the cooperative church effort.

     Beginning in January 2002, Rev. Tom Seppo became full-time with Operation Transformation in a new position as the Executive Director.  Tom represents OT and the faith-based perspective in the community among the city and community leaders and organizations, working to establish programs and working relationships. He is also OT’s representative among the pastors and churches.

     A second exciting development occurred in December of 2001.  An organization called A. N. Deringer decided to donate a building and 2 vacant lots to OT.  The property is located at 1904 Poplar St. in Port Huron.  It is a lovely two-level office building with 2600 square feet.  The top level is used by Operation Transformation, and the lower level currently has four faith-based office tenants.

     The vision of Operation Transformation is to see “Churches Cooperating for a Changed Community”.  The mission statement is “To foster a life-giving, united church in our Blue Water community, that will work together with civic and service organizations and develop ways to help meet the many needs of the citizens of our community.  The leadership infrastructure now includes a Board of Directors consisting of 6 local pastors and a businessman, and divides into 5 ministry areas:  Church, Community, Chaplain, Commerce and Certification.

     OT also sponsored a mission trip to Guatemala in 2003 with 18 participants including medical, dental and sanitation projects.  This has turned into Chiquimula, Guatemala becoming Port Huron’s Sister City.  Several Outreaches and positive events for the community are held each year, including one on Boat Night during the Mackinac Race.  Pastoral Relations have been strengthened by weekly prayer times for pastors, other events/services and retreats. Community Service projects show the community we are tangibly making a difference through fighting blight, helping low-income senior citizens, work projects, help to prisoner’s families, etc.  We are currently involved in a number of programs like VIP Christian mentoring (with the courts), being available to help in crisis situations, mediation, and overseeing the Spiritual Life programming at the Intervention Center (Jail).  OT also serves as a liaison for information between the civic and church communities.  Compass Christian Business Alliance has also been developed to help foster integrity and ethics in the workplace.

     We are supported solely by financial contributions from churches, businesses and individuals to provide the resources for this cutting edge urban ministry. For more information, call the OT office at 810-966-8660 or Donate.

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