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Community Thanksgiving Service

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The Blue Water Area Churches are holding a Community Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  It will be held at Port Huron Assembly of God, 835 River St. Port Huron. The Thanksgiving Service will be an evening of worship, reflection and praise to God, in appreciation for His many blessings, protection and goodness.


Blue Water Area Churches is a group of 50+ churches in the area whose purpose is to “Connect, serve, and collaborate in the name of Christ.”

Operation Transformation 2021 Projects


  • Sponsored and planned a Martin Luther King Community Service with Anthony Jones as the guest speaker at Port Huron Performing Arts Center. 33 pastors and community leaders, plus 150 people attended.

  • Sponsored a Pastor’s Breakfast at Lake Huron Medical Center for 40. Anthony Jones shared about Cultural Competency training with the pastors and community leaders present.

  • Continued to oversee the Spiritual Life program at the Intervention Center.  Ten churches do Sunday Services.  Small groups are meeting weekly in each pod.  Volunteer ministry was suspended in March due to covid-19.  Still, 2,450 inmates and 417 officers were ministered to, 230 Bibles were distributed and 330 inmates received Christmas gifts.

  • Offered the Mentoring Program to inmates getting out of the St. Clair County Intervention Center (targeting those with substance abuse issues) and those in the recovery community.  Trained mentors and matched them with mentees.  Saw a number of successful relationships that lasted months.

  • Provide support for a Bible study at the Huron House transition home.

  • Compass Christian Business Alliance had monthly lunch meetings at The Vintage Tavern, with average attendance of 35.  COMPASS continued in Macomb County and West Wayne.  Zoom meetings continued during the shutdown.

  • Did a weekly “Faith Matters” internet show on GBS for their “Healthy Living” segment for 6 months.

  • Recorded a weekly radio spot called “Faith Matters” on WGRT each Monday at 8:00 a.m.

  • Continue to oversee and verify updated legal information for 8 organizations Certified by OT.

  • Planned a drive-in prayer service the May 7th on the National Day of Prayer. About 250 came in their cars!

  • After much deliberation and pre-planning, “Family Night” activities had to be cancelled due to covid-19.

  • Sponsored strategy/information meetings twice a year for groups doing food pantries and outreach events.

  • Distributed information from the faith community by e-mail weekly to 2,200+, and put posts on Facebook.

  • Continued collecting cell phones to buy prepaid phone cards for military personnel.  Over 900 donated!

  • Facilitated the BWAC “Good Friday” Community Service at Colonial Woods, as 5,000+ people watched online through Facebook.  This service included a worship team, special music and 3 pastors sharing.

  • Sent encouraging emails to wives of ministers (The First Ladies).  Lunch meetings had to be cancelled.

  • Did administration for Blue Water Area Churches. Pastors continually met weekly for 7:30 am prayer (Zoom and in person).   Monthly Zoom meetings took the place of in-person events.  Continued to send out specialized information e-mails to 175 pastors in the Blue Water Area.

  • Developed a Prayer Wall on the OT website for people to submit prayer requests, and partners to pray.

  • Maintained and updated a database of churches & pastors in the Blue Water Area.

  • Provide invocation and/or benediction prayers for numerous events in the Blue Water Area.

  • Provided pulpit supply to churches.  Visited area churches on a regular basis. Gave counsel when asked.

  • Participated with and provided administrative support to the Eastern Michigan Christian Foundation.

  • Sponsored a Christmas Service and gave 2 cards to 330 inmates at the St. Clair County Intervention Center (1 for them; 1 to mail). Collected 122 books for children which were distributed by the Salvation Army.

  • Welcomed new pastors to the Blue Water Area with a call, letter/information and a meal.

  • Acknowledged several pastors with a Certificate of Appreciation as they left or retired (during a service).

  • Worked with and gave information to the Youth Collaboration Network.

  • Gave support to fight opioid addiction, working with the BW Recovery Outreach Center and their efforts.

  • Started an online “Encouraging Word” devotional on Mondays and Prayer Time on Thursdays (Facebook).

  • OT Staff provided a faith perspective to 17 boards and committees in the Blue Water Area.

  • Hosted a “Spring Ahead” Open House and day of giving, raising over $25,000.

  • Participated with the “March for Unity” to demonstrate cultural competency and racial reconciliation.

  • Hosted several Zoom meetings for pastors about how to do enhanced ministry during covid-19.

  • Worked with Habitat for Humanity’s “Rock the Block” to renovate the Lincoln Park neighborhoods.

  • Wrote several articles for the Times Herald newspaper on spiritual topics.

  • Hosted our Annual Fundraising Event (virtually) in October with a Silent Auction, raising over $82,000.

  • Hosted a “Food Outreach” page on the OT website, with dates of Mobile Food giveaways and food sources.

  • Blessed the Port Huron Police and Sheriff’s Officers with an encouraging poster and tubs of candy.

  • Initiated efforts on a new major project for Foster Care Parent Recruitment.

  • Asked to provide Chaplains at Lake Huron Medical Center (on hold due to covid-19)

  • Asked by Port Huron Schools to get churches to provide internet access and space to do homework.

Progress in Our Community


For our Community "One in Christ" MLK Service we reached out to leaders in the community to get updates on how their organization is working on unity within the community, and areas that are still needing to be worked on. See below for their responses.


Randy Maiers - Community Foundation of St. Clair County


  • Feedback

  • Operations

  • Board & Committees

  • Investment

  • Grants & Scholarships

  • Philanthropy


  • There is still work to be done in many areas.


Josh Chapman - YMCA of the Blue Water Area


  • Creating intentional processes to support economic prosperity

  • Create safe spaces to have honest conversation

  • Focusing on outcomes and not talking points


  • Providing hope

  • Focusing on terminology in terms of equity

  • Continuing the conversation so we don’t go silent until “something” happens again.

  • Continue to have conversation around equality vs equity


Theo Kerhoulas - Port Huron Area School District


  • PHS were the first K-12 school district in the region to open an office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This team is presently focused on five goals and working to expand.


  • More work in reducing the achievement and opportunity gaps between certain groups.


Melinda Johnson - Blue Water Community Action


  • We have offered opportunities to learn about bias and had trainings on harassment. 

  • We had planned more trainings, but the pandemic caused us to set them aside for now.


  • The most critical item is that we need to be “consistently persistent” in the work. 


Chief Joseph Platzer - Port Huron Police Department


  • Walked in the NAACP, BLM, & student planned protests.

  • Created/Displayed a unity banner in front of MOC;

  • Created a specific “Duty to Intervene” policy to include all crimes force. 

  • Updated policies: Subject Control – Lethal and Less Lethal Force and Biased Based Policing.

  • Placed department polices on-line on our department website.

  • Continued to keep a close relationship with the NAACP and local media to answer questions.

  • Continue to maintain national (CALEA) and statewide (MACP) accreditation.

  • Continue to submit PHPD information to the National Use-of-Force Data Collection.

  • Continue to have a supervisor and the Captain review all subject control/Use of Force incidents.

  • Implementation of body-worn cameras. PHPD has had in-car camera systems for over 25 years.

  • Created a Professional Standards / Training Sergeant position. 


  • Continue with the Chief’s – Community Resource Champions.

  • Create a better understanding of all groups involved.

  • Get more officers of different races, genders to apply as employees.

  • Train officers more and provide them the necessary equipment to be a great officer.

  • Attend events to interact socialize with people or groups different from your own.


Stella Daniels - St. Clair County Department of Health and Human Services

  • We have created an Internal DEI Team to bring collective awareness

  • Created County Wide DEI plan.

  • We also utilize Continuous quality improvement activities to reduce disparity in service

  • Collaborating with community partners to discuss DEI initiatives to mitigate disparities

  • Providing Mandatory Reporter Training to highest referral sources for abuse/neglect cases.

  • Incorporating DEI principles into all hiring practices.

  • Mandatory Bias Training for employees

  • ERRACE Training (Anti-Racism Workshop) for all Managers and DEI team members


  • Increase foster care homes for marginalized populations though community education.

  • Initiate an Internal review of practices to reduce disparity.

  • Increase community engagement through education of Programs and Services.

  • DEI as a standing agenda item in all staff meetings


Randy Fernandez – City of Marysville

  • Put on a diversity training

  • Started and continue to host the Diversity Initiative of St. Clair County on a monthly basis.

  • Reach out to minority groups/magazines, etc. whenever they have job openings.

  • Attend & sponsor or find sponsors for minority-based events throughout the county

  • Acknowledges more work needs to be done.


  • Know they have short comings, owns them, and strives always to do better.

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