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40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer 2023.png

The Blue Water Area Churches are hosting 40 Days of Prayer. For years churches of various denominations and racial backgrounds in the US sponsored one hour prayer meetings daily during the 40 days of Lent, February 22nd to April 2nd. We are bringing this to the Blue Water Area, where 28+ participating churches adopted an evening to host services. The Blue Water Area Churches’ website,, provides the structure and content for each meeting. With an Old Testament and a New Testament scripture, there is a biblical prayer of hope with a specific topic daily (teachers, families, healthcare, etc.). You can find the location and prayer focus each day at or on Operation Transformation’s Facebook page, beginning February 22nd. We hope you can join several of the prayer times in person!

Day 34: Monday, March 27, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Restoration Christian Community Church, 3201 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for Broken Families

Pray for healing of broken or embittered relationships; for comfort when a family member has passed. Pray that the Father heart of God will overshadow children of shattered families; that God will meet financial needs, introduce supportive friends and give them hope in Christ.

Psalm 146:9


Seek God for Christ to restore relationships

Jeremiah 33:5-6, 9, Luke 19:42

For fragmented relationships to be reconciled in Christ. For believers to recognize God-given opportunities to make peace in their neighborhoods and networks.


Pray for the Middle East: Egypt, Iran, Iraq

Day 35: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Blue Water Free Methodist, 1963 Allen Rd., Kimball, MI 48074


Pray for Laborers

Pray that God will reveal the dignity and honor of doing work as unto Christ; that workplaces would be a setting of safety, joy and friendship; for workers to be treated with justice and dignity; for continued employment in the changing global economy; for many to follow Christ and serve Him openly in the workplace with co-laborers.

Psalm 128:1-2


Seek God for God to restore children to their parents

Isaiah 54:13, Mark 10:13, 16

That parents would learn how to bless their children, speaking openly about God's plans for good in their lives. For daughters to live with single-minded zeal to love and serve Jesus. For sons to focus the passions of their hearts on Christ and His kingdo


Pray for the Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Kuwait




Day 36: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Marysville Assembly of God, 1245 6th St., Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for The Athletic Industry

Pray for those in support roles and those with higher profiles, that they will know Christ and fulfill God's calling in their lives. Pray that athletes would be good examples of dedication, commitment and courage; that they will live with integrity and carry out the responsibility of wealth and reputation; that God will reveal His calling and purpose for students and coaches in high school and university programs.

1 Chronicles 29:11-12


Seek God for enemies to be blessed

Proverbs 16:7, Matthew 5:44-45

That believers would love and pray for their enemies. For those who oppose Christ to experience His mercy. For persecuted Christians to remain faithful, following Christ's example in all things.


Pray for the Middle East: Lebanon, Libya, Morocco




Day 37: Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 7:00 PM

St. Martin's Lutheran, 805 Chestnut St., Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for Diversity

That God will bring racial harmony; that long-standing offenses may be healed by the forgiveness that begins in Jesus; that Christians show honor and serve others in Christ's reconciling power; that the beauty of distinctive languages and cultures would be on display in local churches.

Psalm 22:27


Seek God to calm the storms of war

Isaiah 2:4, Matthew 12:21

For God to resolve racial or ethnic conflicts that may persist in our city. That people from distant lands in our community will experience the hope that is in Jesus.


Pray for the Middle East: Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia




Day 38: Friday, March 31, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Zion Cathedral of Praise International Ministries at St. John's, 710 Pine St., Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for The Unborn

That these precious children will be acknowledged and honored by all; for each one to find sheltering homes; that the awful waste of their lives would cease; that they would come to Christ at an early age; for the parents of unborn babies, that God will turn their hearts toward their children.

Psalm 72:12-14


Seek God to gather all peoples in worship

Psalm 102:18, 22, Mark 11:17

For city-wide worship events that bring the community together in festivals of praise. For churches divided by different traditions to experience unity in worshiping Jesus.


Pray for the Middle East: Syria, Tunisia, Turkey




Day 39: Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 7:00 AM

Blue Water Christian Church, 1331 Chestnut, Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for Elderly People

That God's strength and peace will be poured out on everyone who is advanced in years. Pray that they may be honored, that they may be cared for; that loneliness be banished with lasting friendships and family bonds; for grace and strength to deal with illness; that their latter years will be significant, reflecting the glory of God.

Genesis 24:1


Seek God for Christ's Lordship to be welcomed by the nations

Zechariah 9:9-10, Luke 8:40

That Jesus will be expected and loved by many who wait eagerly for His return. For Christ's peace-bringing presence to be welcomed by millions across the face of the earth.


Pray for the Middle East: united Arab Emirates, Yemen

Day 40: Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 7:00 PM

SONS Outreach, 55 15th St., Port Huron, MI 48060


Pray for The Coming Generation

That many who are now small children would soon become passionate followers of Christ; that during their lifetimes they will finish evangelizing the world; that they will endure suffering to overcome evil and bring forth the promised blessing of God upon all peoples; that they will give Christ the finest whole-life worship of all history.

Matthew 12:15-16


Seek God for Christ to visit our communities with His presence and transforming power

Psalm 118:22-27, Luke 19:37-40, Matthew 21:15-16

Lord of all, even though many have rejected Your Son, bring a day in our community when Jesus will be honored and received by many. Open our eyes to recognize what You have done to exalt Him as Lord of all the earth. He is King of our lives. His Lordship


Pray for Jerusalem

Community Good Friday Service

The Blue Water Area Churches is holding a Good Friday Service open to the community on Friday, April 7, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.  It will be held at Colonial Woods Missionary Church, 3240 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron.  The Good Friday Service will be an afternoon of worship and reflection, in appreciation for the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. 


Everyone is invited to the free service.  The service will include Scripture readings, congregational worship, and special music.  It will also include a message by Rev. John Grenfell, III, of St. Clair First United Methodist Church, Pastor Vincent Matthews of All Nations Church of God in Christ, and Pastor Bruce Clark of Blue Water Christian Church.


The Good Friday Service will also be broadcast live on 90.7 HopeFM, WPHM 1380AM radio, and on Operation Transformation’s Facebook page (@BlueWaterOT).

Operation Transformation 2022 Projects

​This is a brief list, click here for a more extensive list.

  • Sponsored and planned a Martin Luther King Community Service at Marysville Assembly.  The service included a Worship Team and guest speaker Carl Miller, with 100+ attending.  It was broadcast on Facebook Live.  Shared updated of diversity improvements from 7 community organizations.

  • Worked with Forgotten Man Ministries to take over the oversight of the Spiritual Life program to the inmates at the Intervention Center.  Several Recovery Bible studies were offered.  Continued chaplain services to the Officers of the Sheriff Department, with 164 Christmas cards and Our Daily Breads given to staff at Christmas, Easter & 911.

  • 350 inmates received Christmas gifts. Continued to offer our Mentoring Program to inmates as they get out. OT organized a group of people to go sing Christmas carols to each of the local jail pods and share some scripture and a short sermon with them. 

  • Promoted Foster Care help needed through parenting, respite care and donated goods.  Also set up a monthly meeting with DHHS for church representatives. We collected needed items for foster care. We had many donations including 500 diapers, formula, 17 backpacks, 5 coats, 85 pairs underwear, 60 games/toys, 50 stuffed animals, backpacks, and towels. These items will be donated to local foster care closets for families to pick up. 

  • Administrated “40 Days of Prayer Initiative” with 18 churches hosting and 500+ attending during the Lent season.

  • Administrated and promoted faith bands giving live concerts on McMorran Plaza for 10 weeks in the summer.

  • Continue a Mentoring Program – primarily to those getting out of jail, on parole, or requested from the Recovery Community.  # of relationships?

  • OT coordinated with several other local organizations and churches to establish a temporary warming shelter to launch in 2023 at All Nation Church of God. 

Progress in Our Community


For our Community "One in Christ" MLK Service we reached out to leaders in the community to get updates on how their organization is working on unity within the community, and areas that are still needing to be worked on. See below for their responses.


Randy Maiers - Community Foundation of St. Clair County


  • Feedback

  • Operations

  • Board & Committees

  • Investment

  • Grants & Scholarships

  • Philanthropy


  • There is still work to be done in many areas.


Josh Chapman - YMCA of the Blue Water Area


  • Creating intentional processes to support economic prosperity

  • Create safe spaces to have honest conversation

  • Focusing on outcomes and not talking points


  • Providing hope

  • Focusing on terminology in terms of equity

  • Continuing the conversation so we don’t go silent until “something” happens again.

  • Continue to have conversation around equality vs equity


Theo Kerhoulas - Port Huron Area School District


  • PHS were the first K-12 school district in the region to open an office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This team is presently focused on five goals and working to expand.


  • More work in reducing the achievement and opportunity gaps between certain groups.


Melinda Johnson - Blue Water Community Action


  • We have offered opportunities to learn about bias and had trainings on harassment. 

  • We had planned more trainings, but the pandemic caused us to set them aside for now.


  • The most critical item is that we need to be “consistently persistent” in the work. 


Chief Joseph Platzer - Port Huron Police Department


  • Walked in the NAACP, BLM, & student planned protests.

  • Created/Displayed a unity banner in front of MOC;

  • Created a specific “Duty to Intervene” policy to include all crimes force. 

  • Updated policies: Subject Control – Lethal and Less Lethal Force and Biased Based Policing.

  • Placed department polices on-line on our department website.

  • Continued to keep a close relationship with the NAACP and local media to answer questions.

  • Continue to maintain national (CALEA) and statewide (MACP) accreditation.

  • Continue to submit PHPD information to the National Use-of-Force Data Collection.

  • Continue to have a supervisor and the Captain review all subject control/Use of Force incidents.

  • Implementation of body-worn cameras. PHPD has had in-car camera systems for over 25 years.

  • Created a Professional Standards / Training Sergeant position. 


  • Continue with the Chief’s – Community Resource Champions.

  • Create a better understanding of all groups involved.

  • Get more officers of different races, genders to apply as employees.

  • Train officers more and provide them the necessary equipment to be a great officer.

  • Attend events to interact socialize with people or groups different from your own.


Stella Daniels - St. Clair County Department of Health and Human Services

  • We have created an Internal DEI Team to bring collective awareness

  • Created County Wide DEI plan.

  • We also utilize Continuous quality improvement activities to reduce disparity in service

  • Collaborating with community partners to discuss DEI initiatives to mitigate disparities

  • Providing Mandatory Reporter Training to highest referral sources for abuse/neglect cases.

  • Incorporating DEI principles into all hiring practices.

  • Mandatory Bias Training for employees

  • ERRACE Training (Anti-Racism Workshop) for all Managers and DEI team members


  • Increase foster care homes for marginalized populations though community education.

  • Initiate an Internal review of practices to reduce disparity.

  • Increase community engagement through education of Programs and Services.

  • DEI as a standing agenda item in all staff meetings


Randy Fernandez – City of Marysville

  • Put on a diversity training

  • Started and continue to host the Diversity Initiative of St. Clair County on a monthly basis.

  • Reach out to minority groups/magazines, etc. whenever they have job openings.

  • Attend & sponsor or find sponsors for minority-based events throughout the county

  • Acknowledges more work needs to be done.


  • Know they have short comings, owns them, and strives always to do better.

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